Sarah Chamberland-Fontaine

Student Speaker | Étudiant.e
Despite being one of the most threatened ecosystems in the world, mangrove forests are often inadequately managed. Management issues include noncompliance with mangrove protection laws, a lack of coordination among agencies, and habitat loss. Sustainable mangrove management (SMM) aims to address these issues and reverse trends of mangrove loss while empowering local stakeholders to participate in management processes. This research will investigate the case of Punta Galeta, a mangrove forest that is well-known for its environmental education program but imperiled by industrial development. Research objectives are to understand how Punta Galeta’s mangrove management aligns with SMM recommendations using the Bali Call to Action as an analytical framework. Preliminary results include that Punta Galeta presents a notable knowledge dissemination plan, successful partnerships between scientists and the private sector, and early efforts to reforest mangrove patches. However, several facets of SMM remain challenging in Punta Galeta, such as sustaining funding and long-term planning efforts, and most importantly creating collaboration networks between all stakeholders. This research outlines the need to pay greater attention to relational aspects of SMM, instead of focusing on structural aspects.