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Trophic interactions [clear filter]
Tuesday, December 15

2:00pm EST

Speed talks | Présentations éclair : Trophic interactions 1 | Interaction trophiques 1
5 min per presentation (3 min presentation + 2 min questions)
  • 14h05-14h10 : Elise Deschenes - Les patrons de diversité végétale le long de gradients environnementaux
  • 14h10-14h15 : Ella Martin - Is there a latitudinal gradient in seeds' time to germination?
  • 14h15-14h20 : Lotte Skovmand -A meta-analysis study of seasonality and herbivory effects on plant secondary metabolites


Elise Deschenes

Student Speaker | Étudiant.e
La composition des espèces dans les communautés varie dans le temps et l’espace le long de gradients environnementaux (climat, perturbation, etc.). Nonobstant, plusieurs questions demeurent quant aux mécanismes expliquant les assemblages d’espèces, la coexistence des espèces... Read More →

Ella Martin

Student Speaker | Étudiant.e
Biotic interactions are predicted to be stronger towards the tropics due to latitudinal gradients in climate, productivity, and biodiversity. This hypothesis is often tested using seed predation as a measure of biotic interactions, and previous studies have supported the prediction... Read More →

Lotte Skovmand Jensen

Student Speaker | Étudiant.e
Plants are constantly defending themselves against herbivory and coping with their surroundings. When we think of a defense, thorns and spines come to mind. However, a diverse system of chemical compounds is also produced by the plants to survive in their environment. These compounds... Read More →

Tuesday December 15, 2020 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST
Room 2 | Salle 2
Wednesday, December 16

10:30am EST

Speed talks | Présentations éclair: Trophic interactions 2 | Interactions trophiques 2
5 min per presentation (3 min presentation + 2 min questions)
  • 10h35-10h40 : Aliénor Stahl - Predicting the abundance of lake fish from foodweb structure: Theory, empirical patterns and consequences for fish stocking impacts
  • 10h40-10h45 : ANNULÉ
  • 10h45-10h50: Antonio Rodriguez-Campbell - Untangling drivers of species interaction strength: a standardized experiment from Alaska to Argentina
  • 10h50-10h55 : Dominique Caron - Faire beaucoup avec «peu»: Reconstruction d’un vaste réseau trophique avec une quantité limitée de données


Aliénor Stahl

Student Speaker | Étudiant.e
I will be presenting the main goals of the first two chapters of my PhD. They focus on predicting the abundance of lake fish from food web structure. The first chapter is a proof-of-concept and the second one is an application to a known dataset, combined with a comparison of several... Read More →

Antonio Rodriguez-Campbell

Student Speaker | Étudiant.e
Darwin theorized that species interaction intensity increases towards the Tropics and lowland ecosystems, leading to important implications for conservation under climate change. These biotic interactions are often measured with predation rates on seeds and occasionally invertebrates... Read More →

Dominique Caron

Student Speaker | Étudiant.e
Le maintien de l’intégrité des écosystèmes passe par la protection des organismes vivants, mais également le réseau d’interactions reliant ceux-ci. Malheureusement, les données d’interactions entre espèces sont souvent rares, biaisées et hautement incertaines. Il est... Read More →

Wednesday December 16, 2020 10:30am - 11:30am EST
Room 2 | Salle 2